About the Campaign

What we do

We are currently running a joint campaign demanding that the European Union introduce legal protections for whistleblowers. Whistleblowers are Europe’s Voices of justice.  The public interest is damaged when they remain silent. But, instead of being encouraged to come forward to disclose wrongdoings, too often whistleblowers are retaliated against and suffer hardship for speaking out.

The next set of elections for the European Parliament is in May 2019: the EU institutions still haven’t agreed on a final text for a Whistleblower Directive and time is running out.

This urgency prompted  us to launch this campaign in November 2018. Join us: sign the petition now.

Who we are

We are a coalition of three civil society organisations which have been advocating for whistleblower protection since 2015. More about us:

  • Blueprint for Free Speech is a charity that provides research and analysis in support of freedom of expression. The content gathered in our free library contributes to inform lawmakers as well as educating the public.
  • FIBGAR was founded on the following principles: solidarity, respect, the promotion of human rights, development, mediation and fighting back against impunity. FIBGAR supports  programs in the areas of education, justice, society, politics and culture which defend and apply human rights; defending victims and their rights to truth, justice and reparation; and combat corruption and organized crime.
  • Riparte il futuro is a non-profit Italian organization founded in January 2013 aimed at promoting transparency and fighting corruption through advocacy and the development and dissemination of digital tools. Since then, Riparte il futuro has reached, engaged and empowered over 1.1 million users through digital campaigns to participate in anti-corruption and transparency initiatives.